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ThinkCentre M55p ADI SoundMAX audio driver for Windows XP

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ThinkCentre M55p ADI SoundMAX audio driver for Windows XP Descritpion:

This package installs an updated Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP device driver for the onboard ADI SoundMAX audio that comes preinstalled in your computer.

This update requires approximately 8MB of space on your hard drive.
File details
Release Date: 2007/06/15
Additional information
Supported systems

This package has been approved for use with the following systems:

  • ThinkCentre M55 (type 6486, 6487, 6488, 6489, 8009, 8010, 8011, 8012, 8791, 8792, 8793, 8794, 8795, 8796, 8797, 8798, 8799, 8800, 8801, 8802, 8803, 8804, 8805, 8806, 8807, 8808, 8810, 8811, 8812, 8813, 8814, 8816)
  • ThinkCentre M55p (type 6487, 6488, 8792, 8794, 8796, 8798, 8800, 8802, 8804, 8806, 8808, 8811, 8813, 8816)
Before installing the package

If you are installing this driver on a system where the factory installed preload has been removed and a shrink wrap copy of Windows 2000 or XP has been installed, the Universal Audio Architecture High Definition Audio Class Driver (KB888111US) must be installed first.

  1. See Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles 835221 and 888111.
  2. UAA High Definition Audio class driver (Article ID 888111) provided by Microsoft should be installed before installing this package.
  3. Install the QFE patch then continue with the installation of this audio driver.
Downloading the package
  1. Click the file link to download the file from the Web page.
  2. When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded file.
Extracting the package
  1. Click Start, select Find or Search, then click Files and folders.
  2. Type q4aud22us13.exe in the search field, then click Find Now. This will locate the file you just downloaded.
  3. Double-click the q4aud22us13.exe icon.
  4. Read the license agreement.
  5. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Ensure that "Save files in folder" is set to C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\audio\q4aud22us13.
  8. Click Next. The necessary files will be extracted to your hard drive.
  9. Click Finish.
Installing the package
  1. Click Start, then click Run.
  2. Type C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\audio\q4aud22us13\setup.exe, then click OK.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. Shutdown and restart your system when the installation is complete.
Previous versions
Version Release date Description
q4aud10us13.exe 3 Aug 2006 ADI SoundMAX audio driver
q4aud10us13.txt 3 Aug 2006 Installation instructions for ADI SoundMAX audio driver
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ThinkCentre M55p ADI SoundMAX audio driver for Windows XP
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